Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Many Things Have Been Happening

Blessings to all my wonderful followers and the ones that stop by to take a peek.
It has been very busy here at the old homestead, of course you all know Mike had second and third degree burns on his right hand and arm, he is doing well, healing is slow in one spot on his forefinger, however the rest is healing so good ( I know I know my writing would make an English teacher have a coronary) but he is feeling better but and its a big one he needs to have a skin graft on the 26th of October a day after we come back from Mexico, poor guy it just will not stop for him, we truly believe he is being tested, he will survive, I know he will he is strong in his faith and feels this is part of the life God had planned for him, as a Catholic he reads the Bible he is on his seventh reading, amazing I cannot get past the first five pages, some think Catholics do not read the Bible but we grew up this way, its just that it was a private thing for us as growing up.
Anyhoo please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I was at a wonderful small three day retreat this past week-end, I had so much fun, we have cooking teams for the meals we spend about 10 minutes in the kitchen preparing and 15 after dinner cleaning up, cheaper then ordering  delivery.

I taught a class on making small snowflake ornaments, they are about an inch across but so cute, can be hung in a window or hung on a small tree. They really sparkle when they are in the sun.

I started a design it is My Pink Rose Pinkeep from Blackbird Designs, it was a little tricky at first due to getting used to the dots on the fabric, I love this design.

 So sorry about the wrinkles.

I will be starring a new Scattered Seeds Sampler on vacation, I stitch in the late afternoon when the sun is at its hottest, this is Hearts Content Armchair Pinpoke  I really like this design, I guess I am really excited to get started on it maybe on the plane.

Tammy Black does such a nice job designing and putting kits together, she chooses vintage looking fabric.

This is another of Scattered Seed Samplers, I stitched these earlier this year and finally found the time to put them together, I used  pillow stuffing on these two, again Tammy does a fabulous job of coordinating colors and fabrics.

  The above is Pins & Needles Pinpoke, she even sent the silver needle to attach to the Pinpoke.

This is Come Dance With Me Pinkeep,  I did finish them both last week but did a different finish of the trim, from what Tammy had suggested.

Now I want to show you what I bought from http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com, I had looked at her blog and found the most adorable bag, I had to order it, I love bees and this bag is beautiful, she sent the cutest cards along with the order.

Look at the leather tag so adorable, this bag is an amazing bag it is perfect in everyway, the swing is amazing.

Look at the cute cards and the Bee scissor fob.

This is a good size bag for small projects. Thank-you Lynn.

Now the most beautiful gift arrived in the mail, we are a group of people in this Blogland that surpass amazing, I came home from an appointment with Mike and was very down, crying a lot that day he was told he needed to have a skin graft, when we picked up the mail there was a package from Frances she is over at http://asymphonyofstitches.blogspot.com, Frances is am amazing and beautiful Lady, she has touched my heart, I am overwhelmed by her generosity, as I sit here with tears in my eyes I feel so lucky to call Frances my Friend, God Bless you Frances for what you sent me, you do not know how it has made me feel.

You see Frances sent me some amazing and beautiful gifts, these two are from a visit she made to Rome, she even had them Blessed there, ( I am one Lucky Lady)

This little booklet is amazing and beautiful,  I am thrilled with it, Thank-you Frances.

 This  Bookmark is beautiful, I am already using it with my daily reading it is a lovely gold and light brown leather, my heart is touched by your sweet and lovely generosity, you are am amazing lady Frances, thank-you form my heart and soul, your gifts that day when I arrived home will never be forgotten.

She also sent along two very sweet Prairie Schooler designs, which I will be stitching while on vacation.

 This Lizzie Kate is one that was on my to buy list, again her generosity  is amazing.
 So sorry about the photos today I just did not have the right lighting, I love bee's and any farm animal, these are perfect for me, thank-you again Frances.
Please stop over to her Blog and see the different trees she puts up for the seasons, they are amazing.

God Bless You Frances.

Its time to pack my Dear Friends, I will post when I come back from vacation.



Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some Finishing

💖💖It has been very busy around here, this week alone Mike has three doctor appointments, one was 75 miles away the one tomorrow will be 60 miles away and the one on Friday for the burn Center is thankfully only 51 miles away, the first two are due to the Veterans Evaluation Services, I feel so bad for Mike he is being thrown around like a worthless piece of paper, the V>A> just does not want to help him, he has to take a med that is 1200.00 two shots this is Rapatha for cholesterol, it has brought his levels down from 305 too 155 an amazing number, it is proven Rapatha helps to clear the plaque in your arteries.

Anyhoo, I have been busy fall cleaning and running around with Mike, so I decided to do some finishing of things I have stitched and need to complete.

This was a kit given to me by the lovely and beautiful Kim over at http://wisdomwithneedleandthread.blogspot.com I stitched this in early September, it was to be a wall hanging  I wanted it to be a pillow for my sewing chair in my sewing room, I am not sure why the bottom is puckered in it must be the way I put it on the bed to take a photo.
I have never stitched on such a large fabric, I liked it,  it was a tread not to have to use a magnifier.

I stitched this back in in June when we were in Mexico, this is a Plum Street Sampler design,it is going to hang on my door handle in the office, I think my camera has a problem this photo looks like it is tucked in under the tin.

I stitched this way back in December 2016, what the heck took me so long to add a ribbon is beyond me, I am so slow, I cannot even give a good excuse, other then I am not sure I can even come up with an excuse, Mike thought I had just stitched it.

We had some terrific thunder storms on Monday into Tuesday, poor Krissy was hiding under the covers of the bed something she has never done before, here she is.

And of course she is on my side of the bed for now that is okay Mike has to sleep in the recliner until he gets the okay to sleep in bed from the burn Doctor.

Has anyone noticed the Asian beetles this year, somehow they are coming into the house, the cat ate one but did not like the taste, I am killing them as fast as I can, they stink so I try not to squish them too much.
I am going to paint the bedroom soon, I hate painting, it has been 15 years since it was painted last, it really needs a new coat, so I have been looking at photos on Pinterest  for ideas there are way to many ideas out there.
Thank-you from my heart for your prayers and concern for Mike and his burn I would post photos but do not want to freak you out.
Thank-you for your  lovely comments on my last post
Well its time to clean the bathrooms and do some stitching, I hope you are all well and getting loads of stitching done.
Thank-you for stopping by.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This Past month Has Tested Us To All Limits

First of all I want to thank everyone for your comments on my last post, I was able to send email thank-you but got caught up in a mess, a big fat mess.
First my father-in law has us running almost every day, he has the onset of dementia, the assisted living facility he is at is calling almost daily, Mikes older sister and he are power of attorney, so everything falls on them, Mike is retired and his older sister has been working the last few years to get her home paid off, so most of the responsibility falls on Mike, not only that but now his refund check from tax's has been lost in the mail, on the phone for a long time today to clear that mess up I hope.
Then Mike has been going back an forth to the burn center he has second and almost third degree burns on his right hand and arm, he was seasoning a wok in the garage and the oil (which he had to much in the pan) reached its flame point, he tried to carry the wok out of the garage the wind hit the big flame and he had to put the fire out on his hand and burned the other hand also, I will ask you all to please say a prayer he does not get an infection, I have to dress it with new dressing each day, it is very painful for him, I do cry but have to stay strong, this Friday I hope they will say he is healing good and on the mend, its a long road.
Then  I find out my favorite cousin Tim is having a lower leg removed due to an infection the Mayo Clinic cannot get rid of, man this sucks I am so happy I am in such good health, otherwise I would have to hire someone to take care of us all.
 Enough of that horror story, now I want to show you what I have been doing.
A few years ago I was at Needlework Guild and they have a stash relocation pile which consists of things kits thread and patterns people want to get rid of, no charge everything is free, my favorite kind of sale.
I found the 50 count Loon kits which I had worked on a while back, I think the reason the person got rod of it is because they made a few mistakes, I was able to work around them,  I put it in a drawer and forgot about it, found it a couple of weeks ago and finished it, now I need to get it framed.

I taped the piece to a frame so it was easier to stitch and not get the mat board dirty, this is where I left off before finding it again.

This is the finished stitching, I love this design, however Mike had too uncross my eyes after stitching on it for so long.

I am working on a Scattered Seed Sampler lit it is the Mend Thy Ways Button Bag, I love Tammy Blacks designs, they are simple but lovely.

So sorry about the bad photo, taken at night, not very good lighting, poor camera angle  also.

I have also been beading, I finished two bracelets last week, I love the black and gray the best.

   So sorry another bad photo, I just have not been able to get good photos at night.

I was out on the front porch having coffee and had a beautiful visitor,  this swallow tail has seen better days it is either old or had a good battle with something.

WE have been talking about selling our home and buying a little bigger place, this home just seems so small to us, we will be making a decision soon, it is not easy to decide.
Well its now 10:10 p.m. and I am tired, tomorrow I have to take my father-in-law to a hearing test to see if he needs new hearing aids, Mike cannot drive just yet, poor guy, he is getting bored.

My Friends, thank-you for stopping by.



Monday, September 11, 2017

A little Stitching Fun and Family

Helo to you all: I hope the hurricane Irma has not done any damage to you and your city and town, my heart goes to all who were or are in her path, the news stories rip my heart apart, Blessings and thought sent your way.

I did manage to stitch a little yesterday and today, I finished the Hearts For You, a kit the lovely Kim over at http://wisdomwithneedleandthread.blogspot.com, Kim Thank-you I have never worked on cloth like this before, I like it, I am going to make a pillow for my stitching chair instead of a wall hanging.

Well its not much of a post today but will show more next time.

Be safe my friends.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Another Contructed Piece

Hello My Dear Dear Friends: First I want you all to please I beg you to pray for the safety of the people and animals in Florida, Irma looks to be a devastating hurricane, we must not forget about Texas and Louisiana if you donate please make sure it is a reputable organization, I am giving to the Salvation Army, they do such great things for humanity.
Now I want to show you my latest finish  I did stitch this back this summer, it is a Tammy Black  Scattered Seed Samplers Design, it is called ''Tea Time'' Kettle Mat, it is 5x5 and just the right size to hold my tea cup with jasmine tea.
I am not sure why I have not posted any photos before I thought I had.

This is Blondie in the Family room waiting for the fireplace to be turned on it was cold here this morning 45 degrees, brrr

I am going to start stitching this after I stitch a project that Kim over at  http://wisdomwithneedleandthread.blogspot.com last year she sent me a lovely porcelain box and a Shepherds Bush Kit. Please stop over to her blog and see what she is doing now. Amazing simply amazing.

This is another ornament I stitched back in 2016 I think,  I like the chenille around the ornament it reminds me of snow.

Well its Thursday and I need to clean today, I clean the bathrooms and kitchen on Wednesdays and the rest of the house on Thursday, I plan on stitching this evening when watching Project Runway, however this may be the last year I watch they seem to think some of these designs are wonderful however I have other ideas about some of them.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Few Finish's Finally

Greetings my dear friends, I am sitting here and wondering if I should turn on the furnace, it was so cold last night I was shivering, it has been chilly here, something I do not like to do.

I have been busy doing finishing on some of my stitched items, I made a promise to not start a new stitch design until I finished four item's so here they are.

This is a Blackbird Designs Lady Liberty which I stitched early this summer, they may look a little wonky, only because I use crushed walnuts for stuffing which I love.

                                                     Next is Hats Off To Uncle Sam

I stitched this one this summer, I have a large collection of Pin Cushions
I received this next one from the stash relocation pile from the Minnesota Needlework Guild last year, I think it is a class project, not sure.
Again it is another Blackbird Designs kit, I love the color of the fabric.
I just need to iron them better.
Well I am going to start working on another kit from Scattered Seed Samplers, I do not have a photo just yet but will show you the kit photo soon.
I hope all our friends in Texas are finally getting back to their homes and getting their lives back, you are still in my prayers daily.
I hope the fires in Manitoba are out please pray for Peace and all who are suffering.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Its Almost Over Summer That Is

Hello to all my wonderful friends here in Blog-land, I hope this post finds you all well and stitching away.
I have been busy doing all kinds of things, yesterday Julie my sister in law came over I feel bad we did not do much beading but did finish a beautiful leather bracelet she made she use a peyote stitch with the beads and added it and other items to add elegance.

I have done some finishing and want to get through all my stitched designs and make them into something, so I will be busy doing that along with stitching and beading, I am going to be doing some stain glass but that will be left for fall due to I need to not think about being outdoors and if its cold its a good time to do the glass.

Her is one finish: I love this little girl, this is a Tralala Collection Priv'ee design, I finally framed her, I do change out my hanging pictures for the seasons.

I had to get a ornament done before Septenber, I am so far behind this year with my ornament stitching.
I am so sorry I do not remember the designer, I stitched this so long ago and the pattern is gone.
This is a Scattered Seed Sampler The Gatekeeper Pinkeep, Tammy Black has a series each year and ships out kits four times a year, I did this last year and finally finished it into a Pin Keep.
I used crushed walnut shell's which gives it a little weight.
 This is a small design I did in the Blackbird Designs Retreat put on by Stitchville USA Spring Fling, Deb at Stitchville does a fabulous job of getting wonderful designers here every year, next year Jeannette Douglas  will be back yahoo.
Its a little hard to see but these two hardly ever come close to each other, I think they secretly like each other.
Krissy is not supposed to be on this chair but I could not resist taking a photo, see the look of guilt on her face.
Time to get ready for my eye appointment and take Krissy to the vet to get her nails clipped, she needs to be put under because she hates it so much, poor girl.
Happy stitching to you all please drop over to http://xstitchlibrarian.blogspot.com you have to see the cute Snowman Stocking she is doing.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I am back

Greetings to you all, please forgive me for not posting the last almost two months, it has been very busy with vacations and other happenings.
I will not go into this now only because there is way to much to tell, however I have been busy stitching and a couple of retreats in between.

First I did the August Needlework Guild which I look forward to every year, we had a blast, I took a class from Ruthmarie Hoffman, I did finish the stitching and have constructed the box, the only work done for us was the cutting of the sides and top all the rest we did ourselves, we had to draw the design on the Congress Cloth  and stitch it, add beads and other great goodies to finish the look, however the construction was horrible, I finally took it apart and did my own rendition of the finishing of construction, so here it is, I hope you like it, I have never done anything like this before but am willing to do another in a different style and colors.

This is what the strips looked like before cutting apart to add to dark linen.

This was a little tricky you had to use just the littlest bit if glue ( I do not know what that means ) I use lots of glue but this time I had to restrain myself.

These little clips are the greatest invention I just love them, they are so strong for being so small.

This is Wind, I love the colors, but the instructions show more gold then browns, however I like this better.

This is Water this is my favorite of the four sides.

This is Earth, that big wave is suppose to be a tree trunk, kind of cool I think.

This is Fire, I thought that the yellow should be on the bottom due to fire being yellow like, and the darker colors like smoke but I did not want to make the teacher upset with me, I think she would have thought I was a rebel in the class.

The top has many beads on it all done by hand beading  and attachment.

The top pull is made of deer antler bone which I think is so cool, I do have a deer antler bone  on the Fire section also, many beads and different items used to make this beauty, even tea bag paper, mine still has some tea residue on it, I just used my finger nail to get rid of it, I did not want it on the fabric.

I took a beading class last Saturday with my Sister-in Law Julie, we made tennis bracelets that are so pretty the photo's to not show how pretty they really are, Julie did a beautiful Aura Borealis which looks like a diamond bracelet, mine is green, but I did buy another set of beads to do one like Julies.

  So sorry not really good photos of bracelet, it really is prettier in person.

Well I do have more lots more to show you but need to have coffee with my wonderful main man Mike, I hope you all are well and I will start to catch up on commenting on your Blogs this afternoon or evening, promise.